Linking a remote key to a driver profile

A remote key can be linked to a driver profile. This driver profile and all of its settings will then automatically be selected every time the vehicle is used with that particular remote key.

The first time the remote key is used, it is not linked to any specific driver profile. The Guest profile is automatically activated when the ignition is switched on.

A driver profile can also be selected manually without linking it to any key. When the vehicle is unlocked, the last active driver profile will be activated. If the key has ever been linked to a driver profile, it is not necessary to manually select a driver profile when using that particular key.

Linking a remote key to a specific driver profile


A remote key can only be connected to a driver profile when the vehicle is stationary.
First select the profile you would like to link to the key (if that profile is not already active). The active profile can then be linked to the key.
Tap Settings in the Top view in the center display.
Tap SystemDriver Profiles.
Mark the desired profile. The display will return to Home view. The Guest profile cannot be linked to a remote key.
Pull down Top view again and tap SettingsSystemDriver ProfilesEdit Profile.

Select Connect key to link the profile with the key. A driver profile can only be linked to the key currently being used in the vehicle. If there are any other keys in the vehicle, More than one key is found, put the key you want to connect on backup reader will be displayed.

P6-1746-XC40- Backup start place in tunnel console
Location of the backup key reader in the storage compartment.
When Profile connected to key is displayed, the key and driver profile have been linked.
Tap OK.
The key used is now linked to the driver profile and will remain so as long as the Connect key box is not deselected.

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