Front fog lights/corner illumination*

The fog lights can be activated manually when driving in fog and are activated automatically when backing up to help augment the backup light.

If the vehicle is equipped with corner illumination*, the fog lights are activated automatically in weak daylight or dark conditions to illuminate the area diagonally in front of the vehicle.

P5-1507 Button, front fog light
Front fog lights button.

The front fog lights can be turned on when the ignition is in mode II and the lighting ring is in position P5-1707 Symbol AUTO, P5-1507 Symbol low beam or P5-1507 Symbol position light.

Tap the button to activate or deactivate the function. The P5-1507 Symbol Fog light front symbol in the instrument panel comes on when the front fog lights are on.

The front fog lights turn off automatically when the ignition is switched off or when the lighting ring is in position P5-1507 Symbol zero (light).


Regulations concerning fog light use vary from country to country.

Cornering illumination*

The front fog lamps can include the cornering lights function, which temporarily illuminates the area diagonally in front of the car in the direction the steering wheel is turned on a sharp bend, or in the direction shown by the direction indicators.

The function is activated in weak daylight or dark conditions when the lighting ring is in P5-1707 Symbol AUTO or P5-1507 Symbol low beam mode and the vehicle speed is less than about 30 km/h (about 20 mph).

Both cornering illumination are also illuminated as a complement to the taillights when reversing.

The function is activated as the default factory setting and can be activated and deactivated using the center display.

  1. * Option/accessory.