Google Maps

Updated 11/10/2020

Google Maps

The Google Maps app contains maps and gives you access to traffic information, route guidance, suitable charging station locations, etc.


Maps can be used both when the vehicle has an Internet connection and when it doesn't, but more services are available when the vehicle is online.

Same information in the vehicle as on other devices

Connecting your Google account to the active user profile also makes the services more personalized. Destinations given on other devices, such as home, work, favorites and most recent searches, will be shown. If you change something on one device, it will also be changed in Maps if the device and the vehicle are logged in to the same Google account.

Voice Control

Maps can also be voice-controlled using the Google AssistantThe Google Assistant is not yet available in all languages..


The above instructions provide a general description and include third-party suppliers. Availability, procedures and functionality may vary or be changed.


Observe the following:

  • Direct all your attention to the road and make sure that your concentration is focused on driving.
  • Follow applicable traffic laws and use good judgment while driving.
  • Road conditions can be affected by weather or season, which may make certain recommendations less reliable.

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