XC40 Recharge Pure Electric


Charging the high-voltage battery

Charging status in the vehicle's charging socket

Updated 11/10/2020

Charging status in the vehicle's charging socket

The charging status is indicated by an LED light in the charging socket.

P6-2037-BEV- Led indicators for charging US

Location of the LED indicator light in the vehicle's charging socket.

The LED indicator light shows the current charge status during charging. If the LED indicator light is not illuminated, check to make sure the cable is securely connected in the wall outlet and in the outlet in the vehicle. A white, red, yellow or blue light illuminates when the passenger compartment lighting is activated and will remain illuminated for a short time after the passenger compartment lighting has gone out.

LED indicator light's color



Courtesy light

Flashing yellow

The charging process is being stopped.


Wait modeE.g. after a door has been opened or if the charging cable handle is not locked in place. – waiting for charging to start.

Flashing green

Charging is in progressThe more slowly the light flashes, the closer the battery is to being fully charged..


Charging completedThe light will go out after a short time.




Scheduled charging activated

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