Windshield and rear window

Using the rear window wiper/washer

Updated 5/28/2021

Using the rear window wiper/washer

The rear window washer/wiper is designed to clean the rear window. Use the right-side steering wheel lever to start and control the wiper/washer.

Activating the rear window wiper/washer


The rear window wiper motor is equipped with overheating protection that switches off the motor if it becomes overheated. The rear window wiper can be operated again after a cooling-down period.

P6-2037-XC40BEV-Tailgate wiper/washer
Select for interval rear window wiper.
Select for continuous rear window wiper.

Move the right-side steering wheel lever forward to wash/wipe the rear window.

Automatic rear window wiping when backing up

If reverse gear is engaged while the windshield wipers are on, the rear window wipers will start. This function is deactivated when a different gear is selected.


At low ambient temperatures, the automatic rear window wiper when backing up is switched off to help prevent damage to the wiper arm.

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