Electronic Stability Control

Stability system

Updated 1/31/2020

Stability system

The stability system (RSCRoll Stability Control) helps minimize the risk of a rollover in the event of e.g. a sudden evasive maneuver or if the vehicle begins to skid.

The system monitors the lateral angle at which the vehicle is leaning and registers any changes. Using this information, the system calculates the likelihood of a rollover. If there is an imminent risk of a rollover, Electronic Stability Control is activated, engine torque is reduced and brakes are applied to one or more of the wheels until the vehicle has regained stability.


The vehicle’s stability systems help improve vehicle safety but do not replace the driver’s responsibility for operating the vehicle in a safe manner. Speed and driving style should always be adapted to the current road, traffic and weather conditions. Posted speed limits should always be respected.

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