OTA software versions

Over-the-air (OTA) software updates are released on a regular basis. Information about the updates are available on the support site, in the vehicle's center display and in the Volvo Cars app.

This article is applicable to models with Google built-in.

The OTA software updates are typically released every 6-8 weeks. The content differs for each deployment but it is usually a new or updated vehicle firmware. As requirements and availability for content in software updates varies and is constantly reviewed, the content of the update can't be specified far in advance.

Where to find software release notes

  • In the center display. When an update is available you will be asked to install it. Before the installation is initiated, the release notes are available in the center display. Go to View release notes in the top right corner.
  • In the Volvo Cars app. You can find information about the latest software in the Volvo Cars app under Px-2037-VOC app icon Car > Software information. It may not yet be available in your market, but will be launched for all Volvo Cars app markets during spring 2023.
  • On the support site. You can find information about all software updates for most markets on the support site. Check volvocars.com/intl/support and select your market to access the information.

You can see the currently installed software version in the center display. Go to iCup-2037-Settings symbol and select System > Software update.

Each vehicle has a unique configuration and not all vehicles are updated at the same time with the same software. You only receive an OTA download notification if it is applicable to your vehicle.

OTA will be free for as long as your vehicle is supported with software updates and as long as you update your vehicle on a regular basis. If you don't update your vehicle regularly, you may need to visit a workshop for an assisted software update to be able to get OTA updates again. A workshop-assisted software update may incur a fee.

Certain software releases can only be installed by workshops. If this applies to your vehicle you will be notified.

Applicable models

C40, model year 2022-2024

EC40, model year 2025 and later

EX40, model year 2025 and later

S60, S60 Recharge, model year 2023 and later

S90, S90 Recharge, model year 2022 and later

V60, V60 Recharge, V60 Cross Country, model year 2023 and later

V90, V90 Recharge, V90 Cross Country, model year 2022 and later

XC40Recharge Pure Electric, model year 2021-2024

XC40 (mild hybrid), model year 2023 and later

XC60, XC60 Recharge, model year 2022 and later

XC90, XC90 Recharge, model year 2023 and later