You can now watch YouTube in your vehicle. Watch videos while you're charging or taking a break from driving. You can sign in to your own YouTube account to watch your subscriptions.

This article is applicable to models with Google built-in.

Getting started

You can access your subscriptions by signing in to your YouTube account, which you do by clicking on the Profile icon in the top-right corner of the app. You can use your phone to scan the displayed QR code and follow the instructions.

Using the app

You can only use YouTube when your vehicle is not moving, for example when you are charging or taking a break. When the vehicle starts moving, the app will turn off and you'll receive a notification that the app can't be used while driving. Remember to close the app before you start driving if you don't want the app to automatically start playing again when you're at a stand-still, such as when at a traffic light.

Tips when using YouTube

Sometimes a low video quality can result in only audio playing without the corresponding video. If possible, try to select a higher video quality in the video settings.

If the app stops responding, try closing it and start it again. You can also try to restart the center display by pressing and holding the Home button below the display for approximately 20 seconds. Continue to hold the button until the display restarts and displays the Volvo logo.

Applicable models

C40, model year 2022-2024

EC40, model year 2025 and later

EX40, model year 2025 and later

S60, S60 Recharge, model year 2023 and later

S90, S90 Recharge, model year 2022 and later

V60, V60 Recharge, V60 Cross Country, model year 2023 and later

V90, V90 Recharge, V90 Cross Country, model year 2022 and later

XC40Recharge Pure Electric, model year 2021-2024

XC40 (mild hybrid), model year 2023 and later

XC60, XC60 Recharge, model year 2022 and later

XC90, XC90 Recharge, model year 2023 and later