Avoiding ice blockage in the exhaust pipe of your plug-in hybrid

When you use the combustion engine of your plug-in hybrid, water is produced as a residual product. In cold weather, this water might turn into ice and block the exhaust pipe. In some cases, the ice blockage might even prevent your car from starting. There are some steps you can take to avoid this.

If you drive your car with a cold-started engine for a short time in cold conditions, the risk of the exhaust pipe getting blocked by ice increases. The reason is that the exhaust system doesn't get hot enough for the water to evaporate.

Here are some tips to avoid ice from building up in the exhaust pipe:

  • If you park on a hill, make sure that the front of your car is facing uphill. This allows residual water in the exhaust pipe to drain out.
  • If possible, park your car indoors during cold weather.
  • Use the combustion engine by selecting the Power driving mode and accelerate quickly. This pushes the water out from the exhaust pipe.