Volvo Car International Customer Sales

Volvo Car International Customer Sales (VCIC) is an exclusive global network designed to supply international customers with the car they need, where and when they need it.

To make the purchase as smooth and simple as possible, we offer special products and services to meet the specific needs of each customer.

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Benefits shared by all:

Correct specification for the country of ultimate use, i.e. the car will comply with all legal and technical requirements of the country where you will ultimately drive.

Special prices apply (in U.S. Dollars, EURO, Pounds Sterling or Swedish Kronor); in addition, our sales consultants will assist you in making the most of possible tax and customs advantages.

Global sales and service network with specialized, multi-lingual sales consultants.

International warranty.


Delivery options:

Direct shipment to many destinations all over the world or

Delivery to your local VCIC representative or

"Fly & Drive" factory delivery in Sweden.

Home shipment to any of approx. 360 dealers in the U.S.A. or Canada is included in all U.S./Canadian specification models.

European road assistance included, valid for 3 years from delivery date.


Who can benefit from VCIC offer?


- Specially equipped official cars for embassies and consulates.

- Privately owned cars for holders of a diplomatic passport.

- Officials of E.U. offices and other international organizations are usually eligible for the Diplomat Sales program as well.


NATO troops stationed in Hungary (or elsewhere outside their home country) enjoy special benefits, such as the tax-free purchase of a car at a specially set military price in U.S. $ or Ł. If you are a military I.D. card holder, you can take advantage of this program.


If you normally live in one country but temporarily reside and work in a second country for a contracted period, you can take advantage of our offer for expatriates.

For EU citizens, this offer only applies when entering or leaving the European Union.


The Tourist program is for travellers - mainly from the U.S.A. - who take delivery of their cars while abroad and then ship it home.