XC90 Plug-in Hybrid

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If you can’t find an answer to your questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Please review our FAQ below as you may find the answer to your question here. Do bear in mind that your local Volvo dealer is best placed to answer your questions, specifically concerning our vehicles and we would therefore suggest that you contact the dealer in the first instance.

Alternatively email your question to custcare@volvocars.com or contact us on 00353 1 4631220 where we will be happy to address your query.



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We sincerely appreciate your interest in our company and products. Across the world we aim for one thing - number one in customer satisfaction. If you are considering buying a new Volvo, you're welcome to take your model of interest for an exciting test drive.

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Since a Volvo dealership can quickly help you with almost any question you might have about buying and driving a Volvo, or using our services, we encourage you to contact your local dealer first of all or call 00353 1 4631220.

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Are you a current Volvo customer with a question about your new car, or about some of our other products or services?

Contact our Customer Relations team on 00353 1 4631220



- Where is my nearest Volvo dealership?
Please use our IE dealer locator www.volvocars.ie/findadealer


- Where can I buy a part or accessory for my Volvo?
If you would like to purchase a part or accessory please contact your nearest Volvo dealership and ask to speak to their parts department. Please note that we do not sell parts directly from our Head Office.


- My vehicle requires a service or I have a query regarding the service schedule, what should I do?
Your local Volvo dealer has the latest Volvo approved service schedules so can provide a breakdown of the work required and a quote to carry out the service.


- How can I check the timing belt interval for my Volvo?
Your local Volvo dealer has the latest Volvo approved service schedules so can provide a breakdown of the work required and a quote to carry out the service.


- My vehicle has a fault, what should I do?
Your first step should be to contact your Volvo dealership, who will be pleased to assist you. Please note that we cannot offer technical advice remotely from our Head Office. Your local Volvo dealership can contact our central Technical Support Team for help if necessary.


- How do I get my vehicle's radio code?
Your Volvo dealership will be able to provide you with your vehicle's radio code however they will need to see proof of ownership first (Licensing Certificate ), for security reasons.


- Why does my vehicle's fuel consumption differ from the published figures?
The fuel consumption figures quoted in our product brochures are obtained using Government approved methods in controlled conditions. It is for that reason that all pricing and specification booklets will have a disclaimer which states that the results do not express or imply any guarantee of the fuel consumption of a particular car. We must also take into account that there are inevitable differences between individual cars of the same model along with driving style, road conditions, weight of the vehicle, use of air conditioning etc.


- How can I find out what mobile phones are compatible with my vehicle's Bluetooth system?
Please click on the link below


- Where can I view my Owners Manual on line or purchase a new one?
Please click on the below link to view your Owners Manual. Our Owners Manuals go back to 2004.

If you would like to purchase an Owners Manual then please contact your nearest Volvo dealership.


- How do I share a design idea or suggestion with Volvo?
Please click on the link below


- Where can I find your most recent brochures on-line?
View our ebrochures online here 


- How can I contact Volvo Assistance?
If you have a concern, query or complaint with your Volvo Assistance breakdown service please click on the below link for further information. www.volvocars.com/ie/services/own-and-enjoy/road-side-assistance