Roadside assistance

Terms and Conditions

Volvo Assist provides a comprehensive level of benefits to which there have to be the following conditions.

1. The beneficiary or third party organising any of the services detailed in this policy must first have authorisation from Volvo Assist and obtained a file number.

2. The covered vehicle must be kept in a roadworthy condition and serviced in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines at an Authorised Volvo Dealer.

3. Volvo Assist does not cover any costs which would have been payable normally by the beneficiary, such as petrol, toll charges or parking and/or motoring fines.

4. Motor racing, rallies, speed or duration tests or practice thereof are excluded.

5. Volvo Assist cannot cover the assistance for any accident or injury through voluntary non-observance of the laws of the land in which the beneficiary is travelling or the practice of activities not authorised by local authorities.

6. Volvo Assist cannot assist a vehicle which has been intentionally damaged by the beneficiary or resulting from his/her participation in a criminal act or offence.

7. Damage as a result of freak weather conditions is excluded.

8. Volvo Assist excludes damage or loss directly or indirectly occasioned by or happening through or in consequence of war, invasion, acts of foreign enemies, hostilities (whether declared or not), civil war, rebellion, insurrection, military or usurped power, riot or civil commotion.

9. Volvo Assist does not cover damage or loss to or destruction of any property or any loss or expense, whatsoever arising there from. In addition to this, Volvo Assist will not cover any consequential loss or any legal liability of whatsoever nature directly or indirectly caused by or contributed to by or arising from:
i. ionising radiations or contamination by radioactivity from any nuclear fuel or from any nuclear waste.
ii. the radioactive toxic explosive or other hazardous properties of any explosive nuclear assembly or nuclear component thereof.

10. Volvo Assist cannot cover loss or damage directly occasioned by pressure waves caused by aircraft and other aerial devices travelling at sonic or supersonic speeds.

11. The maximum amounts payable for benefits described in this policy are expressed in Euro and are inclusive of VAT.

12. Volvo Assist are unable to cover the trailers and caravans which are not of a propriety make or where the length exceeds 7 metres, width exceed 2.23 metres, height exceeding 3 metres and weight not exceeding 3500kg.

13. The onward transportation of animals is at the discretion of Volvo Assist and if done will be solely at your risk.

14. Volvo Assist can not cover any claim which is not immediately resulting from a Breakdown or any claim where the assistance has not been organised from the inception by Volvo Assist.