V40 Cross Country


Locking/unlocking - from the inside

Locking/unlocking can be performed using the driver's door button for central locking. All doors and tailgate can be locked or unlocked simultaneously.
P4-1220-Y55X-Central locking, button

Central locking

  • Press one side of the button to lock - the other side to unlock.

Lamp in lock button

When the lamp in the central locking button for the driver's door is illuminated it means that all doors are locked.


A door can be unlocked from the inside in two different ways:

  • Press the central locking button .

A long press also opens all the side windows* simultaneously (see also section Global opening).

  • Pull the door handle and open the door - the door is unlocked and opened in one operation.


  • Both front doors must be closed for the central locking to be activated. Press the central locking button - all doors are locked. If any of the rear doors is open, it will lock when it is closed.

A long press also closes all the side windows simultaneously (see also section Global opening).

Automatic locking

The doors and tailgate are locked automatically when the car starts to move.

The function can be activated/deactivated in the menu system MY CAR. For a description of the menu system, see MY CAR.

  1. * 옵션/액세서리.

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