V40 Cross Country


Navigation* - text and symbols in the screen

Explanation of text and symbols that may be shown on the map.
P3/P4-1517-Navi-RoW-Text and symbols on the map
Road types
  • Motorway (orange)
  • Primary road (dark grey)
  • Smaller primary road (grey)
  • Ordinary road (light grey)
  • Local road (white)
Text and symbols on screen
Event at next guidance point
Distance to next guidance point
Name of next road/street
Facility/point of interest (POI)
Planned route waypoint
Symbol for destination/final destination
Calculated arrival time at final destination
Calculated remaining distance to destination
The car's current position
Map scale
Stored location
Planned route
Planned route final destination
Current road/street name - at car's current position (9)
Section covered by traffic information
Traffic information

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