V40 Cross Country


Analogue combined instrument panel - overview

The combined instrument panel's information display shows information on some of the car's functions, as well as messages.

Information display

P4-1220-Y55X Information display, DIM STD-Line

Information display, analogue instrument panel.

There are further descriptions under the functions that use the display.

Gauges and indicators

P4-1220-Y55X Information display, gauges, DIM STD-Line
  1. Fuel gauge. When the indicator lowers to only one white marking 1, the yellow indicator symbol for low level in the fuel tank is illuminated. See also Trip computer and Filling up with fuel.
  2. Eco meter The meter provides an indication of how economically the car is being driven. The higher the reading on the scale, the more economically the car is driven.
  3. Speedometer
  4. Tachometer. The meter indicates engine speed in thousands of revolutions per minute (rpm).
  5. Gear shift indicator 2 / Gear position indicator 3. See also Gear shift indicator or Automatic gearbox - Geartronic.

Indicator and warning symbols

P4-1220-Y55X Information display, control and warning symbols, DIM STD-Line

Indicator and warning symbols, analogue instrument panel.

  1. Indicator symbols
  2. Indicator and warning symbols
  3. Warning symbols 1

Functionality check

All indicator and warning symbols, apart from symbols in the centre of the information display, illuminate in key position II or when the engine is started. When the engine has started, all the symbols should go out except the parking brake symbol, which only goes out when the brake is disengaged.

If the engine does not start or if the functionality check is carried out in key position II then all symbols go out within a few seconds except the symbol for faults in the car's emissions system and the symbol for low oil pressure.

  1. 1 When the display's message Distance to empty fuel tank: starts to show ----, the marking becomes red.
  2. 2 Manual gearbox.
  3. 3 Automatic gearbox.

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