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Radio Data System functions (RDS)

With RDS the radio can automatically change to the strongest transmitter. RDS provides the facility to receive e.g. traffic information (TP) and to search for certain programme types (PTY).

RDS links FM transmitters into a network. An FM transmitter in such a network sends information that gives an RDS radio the following functions:

  • Automatically switches to a stronger transmitter if reception in the area is poor 1.
  • Search for programme category, e.g. programme types 2 or traffic information.
  • Reception of text information on current radio programme 2.


Some radio stations do not use RDS or only selected parts of its functionality.

If a required programme type is located the radio can switch stations interrupting the audio source currently in use. For example, if the CD player is in use, it is paused. The interrupting transmission is played back at a preset volume. The radio returns to the previous audio source and volume when the set programme type is no longer broadcast.

The programme functions alarm, traffic information (TP) and programme types (PTY) interrupt one another in order of priority, where alarm has the highest priority and programme types has the lowest. Press OK/MENU to return to the interrupted audio source and still listen to the message. Press EXIT in order to cancel the message and return to the interrupted audio source.

  1. 1 Applies to FM radio.
  2. * 옵션/액세서리.
  3. 2 Applies to DAB* radio.

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