V40 Cross Country


Type designations

Type designation, vehicle identification number, etc., i.e. information unique to the car, can be read on a label in the car.

Label location

P4-1617-Type approval, labels, not China, Russia and Saudi Arabia

The illustration is schematic - details may vary depending on market and model.

Decal for type designation, vehicle identification number, permissible maximum weights and code designation for exterior colour and type approval number. The decal is positioned on the door pillar, and will be visible when the right-hand rear door is opened.
Label for A/C system.
Label for parking heater.
Decal for engine code and the engine's serial number.
Label for engine oil.
Decal for gearbox type designation and serial number.
Manual gearbox
Automatic gearbox
Decal for the car's identification number - VIN (Vehicle Identification Number).

Further information on the car is presented in the registration document.


It is not intended that the decals illustrated in the owner's manual should be exact replicas of those in the car. They are included to show their approximate appearance and locations in the car. The information that applies to your particular car can be found on the decal on the car.

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