V40 Cross Country


Air distribution - table

Three buttons are used to select the distribution of the air.
Air distributionUse
A large amount of hot air flows to the windows.to remove ice and misting quickly.
Air to windscreen, via defroster vent, and side windows. Some air flows from the air vents.to avoid misting and icing in a cold and humid climate (to achieve this the fan level must not be too low).
Airflow to windows and from dashboard air vents.to ensure good comfort in warm, dry weather.
Airflow to the head and chest from the dashboard air vents.to ensure efficient cooling in warm weather.
Air to the floor and windows. Some air flows from the dashboard air vents.to ensure comfortable conditions and good demisting in cold or humid weather.
Air to floor and from dashboard air vents.in sunny weather with cool outside temperatures.
Air to floor. Some air flows to the dashboard air vents and windows.to direct heat or cold to the floor.
Airflow to windows, from dashboard air vents and to the floor.to provide cooling along the floor in hot, dry weather or warming upwards in cold weather.

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