V40 Cross Country


Engine block heater and passenger compartment heater* - direct start

The engine block heater and passenger compartment heater can be started directly.
Direct start can be performed via:
  • information display
  • remote control key*
  • mobile*.

Upon direct start of the engine block and passenger compartment heater, it will run for 50 minutes.

Heating of the passenger compartment will begin as soon as the engine coolant has reached the correct temperature.


The car can be started and driven while the heater is running.

Direct start via the information display

Press OK to access the menu.
Scroll with the thumbwheel to Parking heater and select with OK.
Scroll forward in the next menu to Direct start in order to activate the heater and select with OK.
Exit the menu with RESET.

Direct start via the remote control key*

P3-1246-312H Remote key - indicating light precondition

Indicator lamp on remote control key with PCC*.

Hold the button for approach lighting depressed for 2 seconds.

Hazard warning flashers provide information in accordance with the following:
  • 5 short flashes followed by a constant glow for approx. 3 seconds - the signal has reached the car and the heater has been activated.
  • 5 short flashes - the signal has reached the car but the heater has not been activated.
  • Hazard warning flashers remain switched off - the signal has not reached the car.

If the button for information is depressed when the heater is active then the indicator lamp will show the status for this - at the same time the car's lock status is shown. While the status is being investigated the indicator lamp emits a pair of short flashes followed by a constant glow if the heater is active.

Status is also shown in the trip computer during heating.

Direct start via a mobile*

Activation and information on selected settings are available via the Volvo On Call* app.

  1. * 옵션/액세서리.

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