V60 Plug-in Hybrid


Volvo service programme

To keep the car as safe and reliable as possible, follow the Volvo service programme as specified in the Service and Warranty Booklet.

Volvo recommends engaging an authorised Volvo workshop to perform the service and maintenance work. Volvo workshops have the personnel, special tools and service literature to guarantee the highest quality of service.


For the Volvo warranty to apply, check and follow the instructions in the Service and Warranty Booklet.

Service and repair

Service the car regularly. Follow Volvo's recommended service intervals.

If inspection and repair are required then only an authorised Volvo workshop may carry out the work.


Do not carry out any repairs of your own on this vehicle. Electrical cables and/or components that have detached must only be rectified by an authorised workshop - an authorised Volvo workshop is recommended.

Service interval and next service, charging cable

The hour meter on the charging cable counts charging time until the next service interval. Volvo recommends having the control unit checked by an electrician after every 5000 operating hours.


Do not modify the control unit in any way.

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