V60 Plug-in Hybrid


Drive systems

This V60 Plug-in Hybrid is a so-called parallel hybrid, which means that it has two separate drive systems: an electric motor and a diesel engine. Depending on the driver-selected drive mode and available electric energy, the two drive systems can be used either individually or in parallel.

Two drive systems

An advanced control system combines the properties of both drive systems in order to provide optimum driving economy.

  1. Hybrid battery
  2. Hazard voltage generator 1
  3. Diesel engine
  4. Electric motor

The electric motor primarily drives the car at low speeds, the diesel engine at higher speeds and during more active driving.

Both the diesel engine and electric motor can generate motive force directly to the wheels. The diesel engine can also charge the electric motor's hybrid battery with a special high-voltage generator.

  1. 1 Combined high-voltage generator and starter motor - ISG (Integrated Starter Generator).

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