General information on climate control

The car is equipped with electronic climate control. The climate control system cools or heats as well as dehumidifies the air in the passenger compartment.

When the climate control system is activated it is recommended that the panel's air vents are fully open in order to obtain the most efficient air conditioning possible.

If there is no heat from the coolant then the electrically-driven heater is used primarily. In colder weather the car's fuel-driven heater can also be started.

The engine block heater, fuel-driven heater and electrically-driven heater are used as heat sources during driving. The heat source(s) used depends on the prevailing conditions, e.g. ambient temperature.

During driving the car automatically starts the systems needed to maintain comfort inside the passenger compartment - except in drive mode PURE, when climate comfort is deprioritised, e.g. AC and certain electrically-driven sources are switched off.

The climate in the car's passenger compartment can be preconditioned (acclimatised) before departure, in both hot and cold climates.


Air conditioning (AC) can be switched off, but to ensure the best possible climate comfort in the passenger compartment, and to prevent the windows from misting, it should always be switched on.

To bear in mind

  • To ensure that the air conditioning works optimally, the side windows, and sunroof* should be closed.
  • Global opening opens/closes all side windows simultaneously and can be used for example to quickly air the car during hot weather.
  • Remove ice and snow from the climate control system air intake (the grille between the bonnet and the windscreen).
  • When running at idling speed, preconditioning or charging the hybrid battery in hot weather, condensation from the air conditioning may drip under the car. This is normal.
  • When the engine requires full power, e.g. for full acceleration, the air conditioning can be temporarily switched off. There may then be a temporary increase in temperature in the passenger compartment.
  • Remove misting on the insides of the windows primarily by using the defroster function. To reduce the risk of misting, keep the windows clean and use window cleaner.
  1. * Option/accessory.