2015 Early

Electronic climate control - ECC

ECC (Electronic Climate Control) maintains the temperature selected in the passenger compartment and can be set separately for the driver's side and passenger side.

The auto function is used to automatically control temperature, air conditioning, fan speed, recirculation and air distribution.

  1. Temperature control , left-hand side
  2. Electrically heated front seat , left side 1
  3. Max. defroster
  4. Fan
  5. Air distribution - ventilation floor
  6. Air distribution - air vent instrument panel
  7. Air distribution - defroster windscreen
  8. Rear window and door mirror defrosters
  9. Electrically heated front seat , right-hand side1
  10. Temperature control , right-hand side
  11. Recirculation
  12. ECO *
  13. AUTO - Automatic climate control
  14. AC - Air conditioning on/off
  15. Ventilated front seat*, left-hand side
  16. Ventilated front seat*, right-hand side
  1. * 옵션/액세서리.
  2. 1 The button has a different location depending on whether or not the car is equipped with ventilated front seat*.

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