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Combined instrument panel - meaning of indicator symbols

The indicator symbols alert the driver that a function is activated, that the system is operating, or that an error or failure has occurred.

Indicator symbols

ABL fault
Emissions system
ABS fault
Rear fog lamp on
Stability system, see Electronic stability control (ESC) - general
Stability system, sport mode, see Electronic stability control (ESC) - operation
Engine preheater (diesel)
Low level in fuel tank
Information, read display text
Main beam On
Left-hand direction indicator
Right-hand direction indicator
Eco-function on, see ECO
Start/Stop, the engine auto-stopped; see Start/Stop - function and operation
Tyre pressure system , see Tyre pressure monitoring

ABL fault

The symbol illuminates if a fault has arisen in the ABL function (Active Bending Lights).

Emissions system

If the symbol illuminates after the engine has been started then it may be due to a fault in the car's emissions system. Drive to a workshop for checking. Volvo recommends that you seek assistance from an authorised Volvo workshop.

ABS fault

If this symbol illuminates then the system is not working. The car's regular brake system continues to work, but without the ABS function.

Stop the car in a safe place and turn off the engine.
Restart the engine.
If the symbol remains illuminated, drive to a workshop to have the ABS system checked. Volvo recommends that you seek assistance from an authorised Volvo workshop.

Rear fog lamp on

This symbol illuminates when the rear fog lamp is switched on.

Stability system

A flashing symbol indicates that the stability system is operating. If the symbol illuminates with constant glow then there is a fault in the system.

Stability system, sport mode

Sport mode allows for a more active driving experience. The system then detects whether the accelerator pedal, steering wheel movements and cornering are more active than in normal driving and then allows controlled skidding of the rear section up to a certain level before it intervenes and stabilises the car. The symbol illuminates when the sport mode is activated.

Engine preheater (diesel)

This symbol illuminates during engine preheating. Preheating takes place mostly due to low temperature.

Low level in fuel tank

When the symbol illuminates the level in the fuel tank is low, refuel as soon as possible.

Information, read display text

When one of the car's systems does not behave as intended, this information symbol illuminates and a text appears on the information display. The message text is cleared with the OK button, see Menu navigation - combined instrument panel, or it disappears automatically after a time (time depending on which function is indicated). The information symbol can also illuminate in conjunction with other symbols.


When a service message is shown, the symbol and message are cleared using the OK button, or disappear automatically after a time.

Main beam On

The symbol illuminates when main beam is on and with main beam flash.

Left/right-hand direction indicator

Both direction indicator symbols flash when the hazard warning flashers are used.

Eco function on

This symbol illuminates when the Eco function is activated.


The symbol shines when the engine is auto-stopped.

Tyre pressure system

The symbol illuminates in the event of low tyre pressure, or if a fault arises in the tyre pressure system.

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