Securing loads

On both sides of the car's cargo area there are several mounting points designed for securing loads. There are two variants of attachment points for floor rails - movable load retaining hooks and fixed load retaining eyelets. The car is supplied with one of these variants.
Attachment point locations in the cargo area (with movable load retaining hooks).
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Attachment point locations in the cargo area (with fixed load retaining eyelets).

The mounting points are located in the floor and in the top edge of both sides of the cargo area. In the illustrations above the attachment points in the floor are shown in raised position. The basic position for these is lowered.


Hard, sharp and/or heavy objects which protrude may cause injury under violent braking.

Always secure large and heavy objects with a seatbelt or cargo retaining straps.

Floor rails

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Load secured in both upper and lower mounting points.

In the floor of the cargo area there are two rails with movable load retaining hooks or fixed load retaining eyelets for securing items in the cargo area using load retaining straps.

For the movable load retaining hooks, dirt and objects collect down in the rails and make it difficult to move, lock, fold and remove the load retaining hooks. Make it a habit to clean the tracks with a vacuum cleaner and a lightly-moistened soft cloth.


Do not use straps with exchange as these may pull the mounting points apart.

Load retaining straps

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Securing loads with movable load retaining hooks.
P3-V70/XC70-14w20 Lastsäkringsband för fasta öglor
Securing loads with fixed load retaining eyelets.

One loop of the load retaining strap around one of the load retaining hooks secures the strap and prevents it from sliding around the hook.


A suitable width for a cargo retaining strap is approx. 25 mm.

Moving a load retaining hook1

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Ikon röd pil 1

Fold the load retaining hook down in the direction to which its opening points.

Ikon röd pil 2

Press the hook down lightly and at the same time push it to the required position.

Ikon röd pil 3

Fold the hook up – it is self-locking.


There must be at least 50 cm between the load securing hooks in the rail.

Removing a load retaining hook1

v70-746-Golvskena golvkrok-urtag

The load retaining hooks can be easily removed from the rail, e.g. for cleaning the bottom of the rail.

Ikon röd pil 1

Fold the load retaining hook down in the direction to which its opening points.

Ikon röd pil 2

Press the hook down lightly and at the same time slide it to the cut-out opening.

Ikon röd pil 3

Lift the hook straight up.

Securing the hook takes place in reverse order.


Any hook removed must be pushed down slightly to be able to push it back into the rail.

Load retaining hook correctly fitted/incorrectly fitted1

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Fit the load retaining hooks correctly!

It is important that the load retaining hooks are fitted correctly. The hooks' openings must point away from each other.


Fit the load securing hooks correctly. Otherwise the load securing strap may fold down the load securing hook, causing it to come loose and the strap to slip off.
  1. 1 Only applies to movable load retaining hooks.

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