Changing and searching radio stations

The radio automatically compiles a station list of the radio stations within the area that are transmitting the strongest signals.

Starting the radio

P5–1519–App pane-radio apps (FM, DAB, Radio favorites)
Open the app (e.g. FM, Radio favourites) from the app view.
Select station.

Changing lists within the frequency band

Press Library.
Select playback from Stations, Favourites, Genres or Ensembles1.
Tap on the desired station from the list.

Favourites — only plays back selected favourite channels, see heading “Favourites” below.

Genres — only plays back channels broadcasting the selected genre/programme type, e.g. pop or classical.

Changing stations within the selected list

Press on < > under the centre display or the steering wheel's right-hand keypad.
The highlight moves up or down one place in the selected playlist.

You can also change stations from the centre display.


When a favourite is saved from a list, the radio will automatically search for the best frequency. But if a favourite is saved from a manual station search, the radio does not automatically change to a stronger frequency.

To choose among favourites within the frequency band, see the heading “Changing lists within the frequency band” above. To choose from among all favourites, see the heading “Radio Favourites” below.

Tap on P5–1507–Phone-Favorite star to add or remove a channel to or from frequency band favourites and Radio Favourites.

Radio Favourites

P5–1507–App-Radio favorites

Radio Favourites shows saved favourites from all frequency bands.

Open the app Radio favourites from the app view.
Tap on the desired station in the list to start listening.

When you remove a favourite, it will also be removed from frequency band favourites.

Changing radio band

P5–1519–Radio-Change band (without AM)
Tap on the app (such as FM) from app view, or open the app menu with the right-hand steering wheel keypad and select from there.

Searching for radio stations


The parameters you can search on depend on the frequency band selected:

  • FM — station, genre and frequency.
  • DAB - ensembles and stations.
Press Library.
Press P5–1507–Symbol-Magnifying glas.
Search view with keyboard is opened.
Enter the search terms.
Searching takes place with each input of a character and the search results are shown by category.

Manual tuning

P5–1519–Radio-manual tuning

On changing over to manual tuning, the radio no longer changes frequency automatically when reception is poor.

Tap on Manual tuning, pull the control or tap on < > to the desired frequency.
  1. 1 Only applies to digital radio (DAB).