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“Simply the best car I have ever had, it's outstanding” (Simon - Ascot)

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I love this car. By far the best vehicle I have owned. It does everything that it is supposed to. I love the styling, the quality and engineering. It drives so well and doesn't feel as if you're driving an SUV, it feels just as planted and responsive as the V40 I owned before it. It is really practical in terms of being able to fit a grown up family in (5 adults) with ease, plus luggage! The engine is sweet (D5) it really packs a punch and sounds amazing for a diesel. Fuel economy is good long distance, but not so good around town - but I didn't buy it for economy so this really doesn't bother me. I upgraded to the premium sound system (Harman Kardon) - It sounds amazing and the center speaker in the dash adds clarity and makes a huge difference to the sound stage. The sat nav is really easy and intuitive to use, plus Volvo offer free updates which is handy. I love the keyless entry and start, it works really well once you get used to it.

The styling is great, I know this model has been around for nearly 10 years but like most Volvos it hasn't aged and looks great. It has an appeal and friendliness that German competitors cannot match.

The seats are just amazing, again a Volvo trait, they are incredibly comfy, with lots of adjustment and superb lumbar support. The cabin is such a pleasant place to be in and everything falls to hand. In road tests reviewers complain about all the buttons on the center console but when you are familiar with them, they are actually very intuitive and easy to use. These reviewers forget we have to learn about new cars.

Steering is well weighted and direct in feel, brakes are strong without grabbing, and the ride supple yet there's virtually no body roll when cornering at higher speeds. The 'steering' Xenon headlights are superb and never seem to dazzle people like those on other brands.

(Rob, UK)

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