A new way to travel

The future is electric, autonomous and connected.

Why fly when you can be driven?

Imagine you have an early morning meeting in a neighbouring city. You have two options to get there – a short-hop flight from your local airport, or a fully autonomous pure electric travel solution that can deliver you directly to your meeting place, having avoided check-in, queueing, flight delays, security checks and everything else that is part of air travel. Which would you choose?

Personal, comfortable, convenient

In the not too distant future we see a world where fully autonomous electric vehicles are the answer to personal mobility needs. We’ve developed the 360c to bring our vision of the future to life. Individual mobility needs are evolving. Solutions must offer a safe, environmentally sound, yet personal and comfortable travel experience.


Increasingly, car sharing and subscription services are complementing traditional car ownership patterns. And while we believe that many people will still want to have their own car, others will switch to alternative mobility solutions as they become available.


We believe that this type of mobility solution will be ubiquitous, changing the nature of the way we travel and the way we plan and build our cities.

Making the most of your time

The 360c envisions a variety of experiences based on your needs


360c includes several mood settings designed to help you relax or party on your journey, with all the creature comforts you need.


A mobile, fully connected meeting place and workspace means you can get things done on the move.


Travelling overnight for a morning meeting? Why not book a sleeper vehicle that will deliver you to you final destination fully refreshed?

Safety by Volvo

The 360c also introduces a proposal for a standardised autonomous vehicle communication system that will enable other road users and autonomous vehicles to understand what the 360c is going to do next. We believe that such a standardised system will play an integral part in making autonomous vehicle travel a safe and pleasant reality.

Guilt-free travel

The 360c delivers a vision of how we can make travel sustainable. Fully electric and fully autonomous 360c vehicles will offer people the freedom to move in a smooth and hassle-free manner. No more flight delays or baggage checks. 360c is designed to take you from A to B.

Urban Design

The changing nature of personal mobility needs means that we will need to look at how our infrastructure is engineered and how our cities and towns are designed. With on-demand mobility solutions the need for city centre parking will be reduced, freeing up space for living, commerce or leisure.