Connected to your life

Technology that blends seamlessly.

We give you the freedom to choose how you connect to the things that are important to you as an individual, whether that’s how you communicate with the world, how you access your personal entertainment or just how you find your way home. And looking ahead, we want to ensure that your car stays relevant as technology and the way we live continuously evolves.

Your car, at your service

Our cars are designed to work best with how you live, in ways that genuinely make your life easier. We have trialled, for example, a system that allows people to use their cars as a delivery option. So you can have deliveries made safely and securely to your car. It’s all part of our desire to make sure your Volvo is truly ‘connected’ to all aspects of your life – we started on this journey long ago with our built-in SOS system, Volvo On Call.

Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride

Wouldn’t it be good to take the stress out of your daily drive? Our autonomous driving programme for the future means that the car can look after the driving, allowing you to devote time to other personal duties. It’ll be safer and save fuel, too.

Our cars talk to each other

At Volvo, we believe it’s good to talk. So much so that we’re working on technology that will let cars communicate with other vehicles over the mobile phone network. For example, they can share real-time data about icy or slippery patches of road, automatically warning other drivers of bad conditions.