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Defiant Pioneers

Chapter 7 - The Birdman

The Birdman

The story of Professor Carl Jones, the man who single-handedly rescued the world’s rarest bird and eight other endangered species from the brink of extinction

Climate change is one of the greatest threats facing our planet. Whilst we are increasingly aware of the effects of greenhouse gas build-up, we hear very little on what is being done in the fight against it.
Professor Carl Jones is the Chief Scientific Officer of the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust. By using a number of different conservation methods, Carl aims to make ecosystems more resilient and increase biodiversity. Thriving biodiversity helps the environment regenerate, absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.
Carl’s pioneering conservation approach has contributed to bringing back at least nine species from the brink of extinction.  His techniques of captive breeding, ecological replacement and reintroduction programmes have been adapted and scaled for ecosystems across the globe and serve as models for what can be achieved. In 2016, Carl was awarded the prestigious Indianapolis Prize, the ‘Nobel Prize’ of the conservation world.

Human beings have caused the problem, but very often we have stood back and expected nature to sort itself out. We are now realising that we have caused so much damage to the world, that we actively have got to start putting things back together again. Reversing the problems that we’ve caused, making the world a more magical, complex and beautiful place.

Professor Carl Jones MBE

Volvo & The Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust

The Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust work tirelessly to protect and enhance the natural world. Durrell’s conservation techniques focus on recovering threatened or missing wildlife and the habitats on which they rely. Their species management expertise drives the rewilding of ecosystems so that they are more functional, diverse and resilient.

For its latest work, Volvo is partnering with Durrell on their first UK projects: Reintroducing white storks to southern England and the European wildcat, one of Britain’s rarest and most endangered mammals, to Wales. 

As of May 2020, Durrell have been very excited to announce that the UK project to reintroduce the white stork has had a successful start, reporting the hatching of the first eggs in the wild in the UK for hundreds of years. This is one step towards establishing this species in the South of England, and a true symbol of hope to come.

As well as initiatives in the UK, Volvo are also working with Durrell on their ‘Recovering the Atlantic Rainforest’ initiative. The project aims to plant 17,000 trees in order to create a corridor connecting Morro do Diablo State Park in Brazil to isolated forest fragments to the north, allowing a number of species including the black lion tamarin, puma, jaguar, and ocelot a chance to thrive again. 

To find out more about how you can support Durrell’s work or make a donation of your own, visit their website

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From the invention of the three-way catalytic converter, to becoming the first car manufacturer to commit to all-out electrification, Volvo have always set out to better protect the natural world. Our partnership with Durrell complements our aims to reduce our carbon footprint per car by 40% and achieve climate neutrality across our manufacturing network by 2025 and ultimately become a climate neutral company by 2040.
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