Home for the Holidays

As bonfire ashes dissolve into the soil and an impenetrable morning frost settles on windscreens up and down the country, we enter that time of year when the distance from home for those living far away becomes more noticeable. It’s a time of togetherness. To be with family, friends and old acquaintances. It’s a time for us to return to our roots and be with the people who made us who we are.

Our 17-hour drive home from Gothenburg to London will begin on December 22nd. The weather, if last year is anything to go by, will be well below zero. We ordinarily fly home, but with our combined luggage we decided to load up our XC60 and stop over in France to visit friends.

The journey home for the holidays is one that many living abroad can relate to. Those living in warmer climes miss the mulled wine, the frenzied anticipation of snow and the crackling fire after a long walk. Those from warmer climes probably miss the sunshine, or at least the freedom of leaving the house without having to put on multiple layers. We miss what we’re used to, and the congregation of old faces back home for a few days in December heightens a sense of belonging.

We may take hundreds of journeys every year, but the one home at the end of December is especially important for many. The destination being of particular significance.

So whatever your means of transport, we hope your journey home this year is safe, comfortable and enjoyable. And allows you to spend time with the people that matter most.

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