Løkken – unpack and unwind

This beautiful beach in Denmark might well inspire you to get your activity equipment out of storage.

Are you ready to release the full potential

Like the surfboard bought after a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Australia, now calling to you from the garage. Or the kite-surfing kit that longs to soar through the air when the sun shines at its brightest. Or the portable barbecue that serves up the best kebabs as soon as the weather turns perfect.

Break them out of storage, and show them a little love. There’s a beach in Denmark that’s crying out to be introduced to your surfboard, your kite and your grill. It’s a perfect place to surf, swim, camp, cook and sunbathe. It’s called Løkken, and it’s located in the north of the country on a thriving and popular stretch of coastline. And its inviting white sands, hundreds of beach huts and lively seaside town vibe make it a really attractive destination for holidaymakers of all types.

Løkken is a great place to camp, to surf and to relax. It’s also the kind of place where you finally can put that surfboard to the test. So, we drove there to try out Volvo Cars’ range of pack and load accessories - and to sample the crisp ocean air.


The top of Denmark

Løkken occupies part of the coastline known imaginatively as "the top of Denmark" - part of North Jutland that is studded with tourist hotspots. Most of the crowds head for the highly popular tourist resort of Skagen, a lively town on the east side of a jaunty little peninsula. But for a distinguished and equally scenic alternative with plenty of stories and slightly fewer daytrippers, Løkken is just right.

There's plenty of history and culture to soak up here: like the wartime fortifications, and the houses of the various artists and writers who, throughout the centuries, have sought the area out for inspiration. Its history as an important fishing and trade port has left its mark on the landscape as well. But sometime in the 1960s, the focus switched from trade to tourism: and the numbers of visitors started to swell. Now, the town's 1600 inhabitants are joined by hundreds of thousands of other people every year.

As well as the naturally scenic and interesting location, the open spaces and waters of the coastline by the Skagerrak strait make Løkken a great location for cycling, surfing and kayaking.

It's not just a beach resort

The area is a great base from which to explore the wide, flat dunes and hinterlands, with their accessible terrain, charming attractions and beautiful views.

Because of this, trekking and horse riding are popular choices of activity in the region. Surf schools and golf courses have sprung up and flourished. And kite surfers, windsurfers and cyclists can be spotted making the most of the coastline, the wide beaches and the clifftop trails.

It's almost like it was tailor-made for your outdoor gear.

So what are you waiting for? Let's help your surfboard see the light of day. We'll gladly provide you with the means to get everything you need into or onto your car, and after that, safely from your driveway to Denmark. Then, the opportunities are all yours.

Kitted out

With a Volvo Car, it's easy enough to find room for your belongings. The cars are equipped with generous amounts of space. And additional accessories - like protective, fold-out double-sided mats - can make loading and transporting items easy and safe.
Canoe kick it

Kayaks can be transported safely with a secure, easy to load space-saving cradle that attaches to the car's roof. Up to two boats can be loaded at once, and a canoe and kayak rack is also available.

Two wheels good

For bikes, a frame-mounted holder is a perfect option. Made from light, sturdy aluminium, it’s a solid way to keep your bike upright and in place on the roof. And it's easy to load and unload: letting you hit the trails directly.

What a drag

Really heavy loads might also call for the addition of a trailer. If you plan to spend time by the beach but aren't in the mood to sleep under canvas, there are few better ways to experience the beauty of your surroundings than from a caravan. And if that's the case, you're going to need a tow bar.