Luxury Redefined

The Swedish way to a better life.

Volvos are always evolving and becoming ever more advanced, but the focus is always to make driving as easy and enjoyable as possible. Yes, it’s complicated to make things this easy and confidence is required to remove, rather than to add. But it’s worth it. Life’s complicated enough.

Your car, at your service

Our cars are designed to work best with how you live, in ways that genuinely make your life easier. We have trialled, for example, a system that allows people to use their cars as a delivery option. So you can have deliveries made safely and securely to your car. It’s all part of our desire to make sure your Volvo is truly ‘connected’ to all aspects of your life – we started on this journey long ago with our built-in SOS system, Volvo On Call.

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When less is more

Care for the world we live in is at the core of Volvo Cars. Our Drive-E powertrains are small and lightweight, so they offer as much power as significantly larger powertrains but with far better fuel consumption. That means our cars produce fewer harmful emissions and make better use of natural resources.

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In good health

Our attention to detail in the interior of our cars goes beyond surface quality and aesthetics – we want our cars to be an environment that is healthy, soothing and luxurious in every sense. That’s why we even have a ‘smell team’ to make sure the experience inside a Volvo is like a fresh Swedish breeze.

Putting you in control

What do you want to see in the next generation of the Volvo On Call mobile app? That’s the question we asked when we invited thousands of people to give us their feedback. Most said they wanted more intuitive features to simplify their lives and put them in control. So we took on board a great suggestion to let you find and pay for a parking space from your car.

Our three-year focus group

At Volvo, we’ve been busy revolutionising the idea of the focus group. When creating our all-new Volvo XC90, for instance, we didn’t spend just a week or a month talking to the public. In fact, we shared a full three years with five ‘LA Influentials’ from California so we could gain a truly in-depth understanding of what they really wanted from a luxury SUV. 

Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride

Wouldn’t it be good to take the stress out of your daily drive? Our autonomous driving programme for the future means that the car can look after the driving, allowing you to devote time to other personal duties. It’ll be safer and save fuel, too.

Keeping it simple

When our customers told us they wanted fewer buttons and a cleaner, uncluttered dashboard, we took that feedback on board. In the all-new XC90, for instance, we reduced the number of buttons on the dash from 42 to just 8. Not only does it look great, it also makes the controls much more intuitive to use.


A Swedish word that describes our mindset. A word that means to care, to consider and to think again. Some people would say it represents a different way of thinking. We call it our business strategy.