HoloLens could offer new ways to explore our cars and services, bringing them – and their benefits – vividly to life.

We are the first car brand to collaborate with Microsoft to develop this pioneering technology, which uses holograms to seamlessly combine the real and digital world.

Find out more about why Volvo Cars is working with Microsoft HoloLens - and how it could open up an exciting new world of possibilities

HoloLens – your questions answered

HoloLens – your questions answered

Q: What is Microsoft HoloLens and how does it work?
A: Microsoft HoloLens is the world’s first fully untethered holographic computer. It allows you to interact with holograms – moving them, shaping them and pinning or anchoring them to the real world around you. The hardware and software is contained within a headset that requires no wires or connections to other devices.

Q: How does Microsoft HoloLens differ from Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR)
A: Microsoft HoloLens is an example of mixed reality. It is untethered and environment-aware, so you can have holographic experiences while staying connected to the world around you. VR creates a completely immersive computer-generated virtual environment and is tethered to a high-powered PC. With AR, the user sees a layer or screen of data that overlays the real world. Holographic objects are fixed and cannot be pinned or anchored to physical locations or objects in the real world.

Q: How many companies have partnered with Microsoft in the development of HoloLens?
A: Volvo Cars is one of the first 10 companies – and currently the only automotive company – working with Microsoft HoloLens.

Q: Why is Volvo working with Microsoft HoloLens?
A: HoloLens has the potential to create a new, interactive and exciting way for consumers to explore our cars and our brand in the future. It puts people at the centre of the experience, and it will enable us to create a more direct relationship with our customers.

Q: What benefit could HoloLens offer to Volvo? A: It will allow people to experience the technology in our cars in a more tangible way. We imagine a future where people will be able to better understand how our safety innovations can help avoid accidents, how our advanced powertrains are optimized to support people in different driving conditions, and how our new connected services can make life easier and save time. HoloLens could also one-day enable people to configure a car and see changes of colour, trim or wheel design in the most realistic way possible. It could also help people choose exactly the right model and specifications to suit their life and personal tastes.

Q: Where will I be able to experience Microsoft HoloLens?
A: We are currently exploring the potential of HoloLens. We are very eager to bring this experience to customers and get their feedback.


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