Our Role in Society

Partner in sustainable development

We want to play our part in society, but realise that we are restricted in individually creating a better world. By forming partnerships with global organisations and cooperating to achieve common objectives, we can collectively optimise our positive societal contribution.


Engage in corporate partnerships

We will continue to cooperate and partner with key organisations on a global or national level with the objective of promoting sustainable development.

Safer by sharing

Our work with traffic safety goes beyond the occupants in our cars and other road users, such as pedestrians and cyclists. It is also about knowledge transfer. We share our real-life safety perspective, our experiences and our unique way of working in partnership with stakeholders. Our approach to sharing benefits people, society and the planet.


Knowledge sharing to improve traffic safety

We will continue to actively cooperate and partner with key organisations and society that help to share our knowledge on traffic safety.

Embodying ethics and human rights

Embodying Ethics & Human Rights is a broad expression of our contribution to society and to a responsible business conduct. Our heritage and culture are important enablers for ethical leadership and to care for the environment, fight corruption, protect human rights, children's rights and to promote responsible business conduct throughout the value chain.


Ethical leadership for responsible business

We are committed to responsible business conduct and fighting corruption wherever we operate through ethical leadership. This involves our managers setting the standard and being role models for ethical behaviour and professional integrity.