The Impacts of our Products

Life-cycle performance

This area is about reducing the impact our products have on our planet and providing people with sustainable mobility solutions. Volvo Cars takes a life-cycle perspective on the topic. For us, it is not only about tail-pipe emissions, but about being a company at the forefront when it comes to providing sustainable products and also embracing topics such as sustainable materials and remanufacturing.


1 million electrified vehicles sold by 2025

Volvo Cars has committed to putting one million electrified cars on the road by 2025. This milestone will be achieved by offering new fully electric vehicles and a broader plug-in hybrid offer.

Over the past five years, Volvo Cars has developed two new base platforms and a range of efficient four-cylinder only engines, all designed from the outset with electrification at the forefront. As Volvo Cars rolls this technology out across its full range of products, we will offer at least two hybrid versions of every model and will release our first all-electric car by 2019. This has already started with the T8 petrol plug-in hybrid versions of the XC90, S90 and V90 and the imminent arrival of the XC60 later this year.

Real-life safety

Our industry-leading approach to real-life safety is a unique method of tackling vehicle safety. Rather than chasing legislation or safety test ratings, we look at real-life data to solve traffic safety issues and contribute to safer roads.


Our vision is that no one should be killed or seriously injured in a new Volvo car by 2020

We hope to achieve this vision by drawing on our world-leading expertise and through continuous innovations within vehicle safety.

Customer experience

We are a human-centric car company with a culture that is genuinely interested in understanding and anticipating the real needs, wants and lives of our customers. This topic is about demonstrating that customers can rely on us as a car manufacturer and that we protect what is important to them by providing innovative and sustainable solutions in several areas.


CleanZone leadership

We aim to be a leader in customer well-being by offering industry-leading clean air delivery solutions and materials. We will achieve this commitment through innovations in filters and materials, as well as providing visualization tools to enhance the customer experience.