Volvo Cars child safety

The new generation

For more than fifty years, we have been one of the leading authorities when it comes to child safety.

Now, it’s time to take the next step. It’s time to introduce
the new generation of Volvo Cars child seats.

Today, when it comes to child safety in cars, Volvo is regarded as the benchmark. But this didn’t happen overnight. It was the result of more than half a century of hard work, continuous testing and meticulous research. And it’s something we’re very proud of. So when the time came to develop the new generation of Volvo Cars child seats, we took fifty years of knowledge and expertise and used it to create a range of child seats that is safe, comfortable and luxurious.

Designed for real life

The Volvo Cars’ Traffic Accident Research Team has been collecting information on Swedish road crashes involving Volvos since the early 1970s. This information helped us develop the test programme we use at our test centre in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Our unique approach to child safety includes creating and carrying out tests based on real-life traffic situations, as well as testing our child seats along with our cars. Testing our child seats along with our cars allows us to carefully monitor how each child seat reacts in a real-life car environment, and then tailor our designs accordingly.

We also study how the appearance and performance of each child seat is affected by everyday usage in different conditions, e.g. cold, humidity. Further testing is carried out on the materials used to help reduce in-car emissions and ensure that all child seats are free from harmful substances, such as nickel and chromium.


A good child seat is designed to suit both the child and the car. But above all, a good child seat should meet the child’s need for protection.

Leaders in child safety

You want your children to be as safe as possible in your car, and so do we. Volvo Cars played a key role in the development of rear-facing child seats and we continually strive to improve safety for children in our cars through a unique combination of research and innovation.

Leaders in child safety: a timeline