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C40 Recharge specifications

C40 Recharge

Car audio system options

The C40 Recharge is available with two audio system options.

High Performance audio system

Standard - 8 speakers - 7 channels - 250W output

Harman Kardon Premium Sound

Optional - 13 speakers - 12 channels - 600W output - Subwoofer

Lifecycle carbon footprint

We believe in being transparent about the full carbon impact of our fully electric vehicles. So, we have conducted and published a lifecycle assessment (LCA) of our C40 Recharge twin. The LCA includes all carbon emissions involved in producing the vehicle (including supplier activities, manufacturing and logistics), as well as 200,000km of use. Over its lifetime, a C40 Recharge twin has a lower carbon impact than a petrol-powered Volvo XC40, irrespective of the charging electricity mix (global, EU or wind). However, the electricity source used when charging the C40 Recharge has a significant impact on its total carbon emissions. Whenever possible, we encourage you to charge using renewable electricity.


C40 Recharge twin (electric)

Production, including battery (99%)

Use – charged using wind power (1%)


C40 Recharge twin (electric)

Production, including battery (53%)

Use – charged using global energy mix (47%)


XC40 (petrol)

Production (27%)

Use – petrol (73%)

The carbon footprint data presented above is derived from a lifecycle assessment study. Please read the full report for more information of the methodology, the assumptions made and limitations of the study.

Future technology and features are described and capabilities may vary. Features may not be available in all markets and will not be standard in all markets or for all models.

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