Mill Volvo

Winter Health Check

Your FREE Winter Health Check

We do everything we can to make your Volvo as safe as possible. And to make sure it stays that way we're offering to carry out a FREE Winter Health check of your car.

This inspection will make sure your Volvo continues to deliver the highest standards of safety for you and your passengers.

Our Volvo trained technicians inspect your car for the following:

- Engine Coolant Checked
- Wiper Blades Checked
- Glass Checked for damage
- Battery Health Check
- Tyre Condition Check where our technician will also send you a C IT Now Video detailing the diameters of your tyres
- Lights & Levels are checked 
- Vehicle Body Condition Checked 

Your Vehicle will also be returned with a Volvo Screenwash, totally FREE of charge.

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) recommend that you change your tyre once the tread reaches 3mm. Leaving it to wear further can significantly increase braking distance which could result in an accident. 

For that extra peace of mind, Book your Winter Check today by clicking HERE or by calling your local Mill dealership on 0800 612 4715.


Windscreen Wipers Offer

Did you know that 20% of all road accidents are caused due to poor visibility through the windscreen. Volvo recommend that you change your windscreen wipers once a year. 

Get your Volvo winter ready with Genuine Volvo front windscreen wipers for only £29.95 inc fitting.

Wheel Alignment Check Offer

Did you know that a lot of vehicle handling problems can be corrected by a wheel alignment and with the geometry aligned properly to the Volvo specifications, you can enjoy a much more comfortable drive.

Why not book your car in for a Wheel Alignment Check? 

Wheel Alignment for Front Wheels £24.99 + VAT
Wheel Alignment for Front & Rear Wheels £49.99 + VAT

To get peace of mind for your Volvo this Winter, Book a Wheel Alignment Check / Windscreen Wipers with our Service Department by calling us on 0800 612 4715

** Please note: all fluid top ups will be to a maximum of 0.5 litres
It is your responsibility to ensure that your tread depth is not worn beyond the legal limit of 1.6mm.