Air-Conditioning Service

Spring Offers

Air-Conditioning Service

Have you noticed a strange smell in your car when turning on your air-conditioning? Bacteria and fungi grow in the depths of your air-conditioning system and can create unpleasant smells inside your car. Now you can ensure long lasting freshness for your Volvo with our Spring Air Conditioning offers. Just choose the one that’s right for you. 

Full Air Conditioning Service including Sanitiser £109.99
Refrigerant gas can seep out of your air conditioning system. If there is insufficient refrigerant charge, not only can your system not operate efficiently, but it could possibly lead to internal system damage and can put additional strain on your engine. An air conditioning service involves recharging the system with gas and lubricant as well as removing all moisture and debris keeping you cool in summer and demisted in winter.

A full air conditioning service includes a refrigerant recharge and replacement of the lubricating oil as well as a full check of all system components, including an air-conditioning antibacterial sanitiser.  

Air Conditioning Sanitiser £19.99
Alternatively, if you’d prefer to book the Air Conditioning Sanitiser on its own, you can book this for just £19.99. An air conditioning refresh is an anti-bacterial treatment which will completely cleanse the system, ensuring that you’re breathing fresh air in your vehicle and nothing else. An annually recommended treatment, it is especially beneficial for people with hay fever or asthma.

Not only will you leave with a completely refreshed air-conditioning system, but all of this comes with a FREE health check and wash & vac too!