Volvo Assistance

Reduce Breakdown Risk

Did you know that the majority of breakdowns are caused by flat batteries or punctures? The good news is there are some simple steps all motorists can take to keep the risks to a minimum and stay on the road.

How to avoid a flat battery
-Keys left in the ignition can drain the battery, so make sure you always take the keys out.
-Don’t leave electrics on for long periods without the engine running, particularly the radio.
-Check you don’t leave your lights in the "Parking light" position when you leave your car as your side lights will stay on.
-Many batteries fail due to age, particularly if they are over five years old. So ask your Volvo dealer to check your battery on a regular basis.

Keeping your tyres in shape
Some punctures are unavoidable, but you can take steps to minimise the risks:
-Check your tyres regularly for any imperfections or for objects like cuts, bulges or nails.
-Make sure your tyre treads are always in good condition and legal.
-Check and adjust your tyre pressures regularly, particularly if you ever need to adjust them for extra loads.
-Your Volvo will come with either a spare wheel or a puncture sealant kit – you can find out how to use the kit here

If you ever need a spare wheel kit, you can buy one at any Volvo dealer – just get in touch with your dealer to find out more.