Part Exchange

Get the latest Volvo for less by trading in your current vehicle with us.

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Easy online valuation

We’ll give you an indicative valuation on your car online or at a Volvo retailer. The process is fast and simple, and you can use the equity towards the new car of your choice.

Fair part exchange

We provide you with an indicative valuation after you have entered some details about your current car in our online tool. You’ll then receive a final valuation figure in person, confirmed by one of our authorised retailers.

Any brand is our brand

We are happy to offer a valuation on any car, regardless of model type or year.

How it works

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Get an indicative valuation online

First, get an indicative valuation on your current car by using our online tool. Please bear in mind that this valuation will decline if you are ordering a car with a long delivery time.


Place your order

When placing your order, you confirm your interest in part exchanging your current vehicle and can use the valuation sum to define the deposit on your new car.


Inspection by retailer

The retailer will contact you to schedule a confirmed valuation on your current car, which will take place a couple of weeks before your new car is ready.


Confirm the deal

We will then email you the final part exchange contribution for you to agree on and confirm.


Pay your deposit or invoice

Once the valuation is confirmed, you can use the value as a whole or in part, to contribute to the payment on your new car.


Leave and collect

Your new car is now ready for collection. Just bring the vehicle you are trading in, leave it with us, and drive away in your new Volvo.

What affects the value of your car?

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What is Volvo Part Exchange?

Volvo Part Exchange is our vehicle trade-in offer which allows you to use the equity on your current car towards the purchase of a new car. We now offer an online valuation service in addition to our traditional retailer trade-in option.

For which Volvo financial option is Part Exchange available?

Our Part Exchange offer is currently available for Personal Contract Purchase , Volvo Loan and Purchase .

Can I value any type or model of car?

Yes, we are happy to offer a valuation on any car, regardless of model type or year.

What factors can affect the value of my current car?

Age, mileage and condition are key in determining the value of your car. Regular servicing can also have a positive effect, while external factors such as fluctuating prices in the used car market can push the value up or down.

What happens if I have finance left on my current car?

Ideally, any existing finance issues should be resolved before you trade in your vehicle. However if there is outstanding finance on your current car, the authorised Volvo retailer will settle the sum with your respective finance provider. In order to perform this action, you will need to provide a settlement letter from your finance provider which is valid for a maximum of 5 days. This will take place on the day you hand over your current car and collect your new one.