Volvo Car Warranty

Terms & Conditions

To ensure that you continue to benefit from your Volvo Warranty you must:

1. Have your car serviced in accordance with the Volvo Service Programme as detailed in the Service Record section of this booklet. Every service must be completed within one month or 1,000 miles of the specified service interval.

2. Report any defect and make the car available to an authorised Volvo retailer without undue delay after a defect becomes apparent.

3. You must follow any instructions in the owner’s manual or given by an authorised Volvo retailer.

4. Properly use, maintain, clean and care for your car as outlined in your Owner’s Manual.

5. Retain maintenance service and repair inspection records in the event that a question should arise concerning your vehicle’s history. If a service has been carried out by a non-authorised Volvo retailer we reserve the right to reject any claim where the cause of the defect is due to inadequate servicing or the use of non-original specification parts.

6. You must respond correctly to any warning lights that appear on the dashboard information systems and/or centre console display.

7. You must comply correctly with any product safety recalls notified to you by Volvo or an authorised Volvo retailer. Failure to comply will invalidate the Warranty for any incident or claim relating to the product safety recall.

If you take your new Volvo out of the UK within the period of the New Car Warranty, work under your New Car Warranty will be carried out free of charge by an authorised Volvo retailer. They will need information from your car’s Service book so please have this readily available. To make sure your Volvo continues to benefit the best possible protection, you have the option to extend your Volvo New Car Warranty.

With a Volvo Extended Warranty you can extend the standard warranty for a further 12 months, giving a total of 4 years’ cover from delivery when new. If you cover a lot of miles, you can also extend the mileage your Volvo is covered for. For full details and a brochure, detailing the options available, please ask your Volvo retailer.

Please Note: Once your warranty has expired repairs will not be covered and all costs incurred will be the responsibility of the owner.


1. Costs incurred for materials or labour in connection with the Volvo Service Programme or as part of the standard maintenance and servicing of the vehicle.

2. Parts replaced as a result of natural wear and tear including, but not limited to, clutch plates, brake shoes, pads and discs, wiper blades, bulbs and fuses.

3. Routine adjustments including, but not limited to, wheel balancing, headlamp and door adjustments, suspension tightening, steering geometry adjustments and emission/ fuel system checks.

4. Damage to the paintwork, trim, glass or chrome work caused by normal deterioration or by any external influence including, but not limited to, bird lime, plant resin including tree sap, storms or other environmental impacts, atmospheric fall-out, stone chips, scratches, insufficient care and maintenance as outlined in the Owners Handbook, including inappropriate cleaning products.

5. Damage or faults caused during maintenance, including the use of improper fuel, additives and lubricants.

6. Any components not supplied by Volvo which are used to replace original components and any subsequent damage caused by those components not supplied by Volvo.

7. Damage to components or faults caused by modifications or alterations not approved by Volvo Car UK Limited so that the car no longer conforms to its original specification.

8. If you have modified your car with additional equipment or accessories, you may be charged for the removal of the equipment if required during a warranty repair.

9. Damage caused where the car has been used in racing, trials, rallies, competitive events or for any purpose other than normal private or commercial use.

10. Damage to the car caused by accident, vandalism or theft.

11. Damage caused by overloading.

12. Any vehicle that has had its vehicle identification and/or chassis numbers altered or removed or on which the milometer reading has been unlawfully changed.

13. All costs and damages consequential to a defect covered by the Volvo New Car Warranty.

14. Tyres, except where the defect results from negligence by Volvo. Tyres are covered by separate warranty conditions issued by the tyre manufacturers or their UK agents. Your Volvo retailer will use their reasonable endeavours to help you enforce such warranties against the manufacturers or their representatives.

15. Any costs attributable to a fault deemed not to be covered by this Volvo New Car Warranty.

16. Any defect caused by incorrect maintenance and/or repairs of the vehicle which are not carried out in line with Volvo repair and service procedures.

17. Accessories and or parts which are added to the vehicle at the owner’s request and which are in addition to the original specification. All genuine Volvo accessories are covered by their own separate warranties.

18. Any vehicle that has been declared a write-off will no longer be covered.

19. The costs of any related expenses or losses which may arise as a result of the defect, including but not limited to, rental cars, hotels, taxis, lost time, inconvenience and lost profits, revenue or consequential losses.

VOLVO NEW CAR WARRANTY – ADJUDICATION Volvo Car UK are committed to the Motor Ombudsman Chartered Trading Standards Institute approved code of practice for new cars. The Motor Ombudsman provide a CTSI certified Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) service if a customer remains dissatisfied with the outcome of a dispute covered by one of their Codes of Practice. Any dispute arising out of or in connection with the Volvo New Car Warranty that cannot be settled, if you agree, may be referred to the Motor Ombudsman. Details can be found at, alternatively you can contact their Advice Line on 0345 2413008.