Emergency puncture repair

Emergency puncture repair*

Updated 7/23/2018

The emergency puncture repair kit* (TMK - Temporary Mobility Kit) is used to seal a puncture and check and adjust the air pressure. Air pressure for the car's recommended tyre dimensions can be found in the printed owner's manual.

The emergency puncture repair kit consists of a compressor and a bottle of sealant. The sealing works as a temporary repair. The sealing fluid bottle must be replaced before its expiration date and after use. The sealing fluid effectively seals tyres punctured in the tread.


The emergency puncture repair kit is only intended for sealing tyres with a puncture in the tread.

The emergency puncture repair kit has limited capacity to seal tyres which have punctures in the wall. Do not seal tyres with the emergency puncture repair kit if they have larger slits, cracks or similar damage. Connect the compressor to one of the car's 12 V sockets. Choose the socket that is nearest to the punctured tyre.


The compressor for temporary emergency puncture repair has been tested and approved by Volvo.

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