Problems when charging via charging box

In some cases, the charging of your car doesn't start when you have set the charging timers in the charging box. This problem occurs when you are using a charging box with smart charging functionality that isn't compatible with your car.

Charging continues when the car is fully charged

Under some circumstances, you may notice that your car continues to charge even after it is fully charged.

Charging a fully electric car

Charge the car via a charging station at home or at a public charging station.

Battery and charging functions in the Volvo Cars app

In the Volvo Cars app you can find information on the car's battery and charging.

Volvo public charging service (VPCS)

The Volvo public charging service (VPCS) offers a simplified charging experience for users with fully electric cars through monthly payments and remotely starting and stopping charging via the Volvo Cars app. This feature is offered in collaboration with Digital Charging Solutions (DCS), one of the largest charging networks in Europe.

Registering a public charging account

Register a charging account in the Volvo Cars app to easily find charging stations connected to the Volvo public charging service (VPCS) and to pay for your charging sessions.

Finding charging stations

Information about charging stations connected to the Volvo public charging service (VPCS) can be found in the centre display and in the Volvo Cars app.

Public charging payments

Payments for Volvo public charging service (VPCS) charging sessions can be managed from the Volvo Cars app. The charging costs are automatically debited from your selected payment method on a monthly basis.