1975 - 1977


The Volvo 262 was a rare version in the Volvo 260 family. It was based on the same 2-door body used for the 242, but it naturally had the 260-series components and frontal appearance.

A limited volume of this model was produced specifically for the North American market during a period of two years.

Unlike the Bertone-built 262C (Coupé) the 262 had an identical roofline compared to the 242 model.

Technical Specifications

Model: 262
Produced: 1975 - 1977
Volume: 3329
Body: 2-door saloon
Engine: V6 OHC, 2,664 cc.
Transmission: 4-speed manual, 4-speed manual with electrical overdrive or 3-speed automatic.
Brakes: Hydraulic, disc brakes on all four wheels.
Dimensions: Overall length 490 cm,wheelbase 264 cm.