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Internet in the Car

Follow the steps below to activate your Personal Sim Card

Available for the first owner of MY20 newly purchased vehicles only

Internet in the Car

In order to activate your Personal SIM you must create a Vodafone account in order to activate the 100GB/365 day data bundle. The sign on procedure is much like joining a wi-fi network in a hotel, in that you need to find the wi-fi signal, connect, and then complete the set-up by creating an account.


Create a wi-fi hotspot by going into Settings → Communication → Car Wi-Fi Hotspot. Choose a Network name and Password, then confirm. Tick the Car Wi-Fi Hotspot box, then press close. (minimum characters: Network – 6 / Password – 10)


Connect the wi-fi device (phone/tablet/laptop) to the vehicle wi-fi hotspot by searching and then selecting the vehicle’s wi-fi name and enter the password previously selected.


Open the browser on the device and go to (multiple page refresh may be required)


Create a new account by following the instructions on screen. If you have more than one vehicle, the same email address can be used, however you will need a separate user name (tip: use the registration number as it’s unique). NB: the SIM provided is a Global Roaming SIM, so you cannot use an existing Vodafone UK account (username)


An email will be received into the registered email account. While clicking the ‘confirm’ button within the confirmation email is not required for account set-up, it does enable reminders about data usage.


You do not need to stay signed into the account, the account set-up purely loads the data bundle onto the SIM card. You can log into the Vodafone account at any time and on any device (in or out of the vehicle) to check on the usage of the SIM and also to purchase a new data bundle for various durations/data amounts.

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