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For everyone’s safety

At Volvo Cars, safety is at the core of everything we do. Our mindset is not only to build cars that take you where you want to go, but also do it in the safest way. No matter if you’re tall or short, a woman or a man, young or old. Our mission is to create cars that are safe for everyone.

Throughout the process of designing and building a Volvo, we put people first, making your perspective ours. Before a new Volvo leaves the factory, each car undergoes an extensive quality control program, to ensure that everything meets our high standards. But our job doesn’t end there. Through our quality systems and close co-operation with our worldwide retailer network, we follow up on Volvos of all model years to see how real-life driving affects the car and its components.

Our safety commitment is one that lasts for life.

    Safety recalls

    Despite our thorough testing and follow up, issues may occur that can be traced back to the construction and building of the car, or the car components. Sometimes they are things you won’t even notice, like a software update that we take care of at your next service appointment. But in rare situations, we need to make a recall, asking you to contact your local Volvo retailer to have an issue corrected. This is particularly the case when we encounter issues that may affect your safety, even if there are no reports of incidents.

      Seatbelt Recall


      What is the potential problem?

      Volvo Cars investigations have identified a problem regarding the front seat belt fastening, mounted on the outer side of the front seat. The front seat belt fastening cable may over time suffer from reduced strength under certain circumstances.

      Which vehicles are affected?

      Models affected are previous-generation S60, S60 Cross Country, V60, V60 Cross Country, XC60, V70, XC70 and S80 cars produced between 2006 and 2018. No currently produced cars are affected.

      Model Model Year Production Dates
      S80 2007-2016 2006-02-07 / 2016-04-08
      S60 2011-2018 2010-05-21 / 2018-08-14
      V70 2008-2016 2007-03-14 / 2016-04-27
      XC70 2008-2016 2007-05-09 / 2016-05-30
      S60 Cross Country 2016-2018 2015-04-13 / 2018-05-30
      V60 2011-2018 2010-06-22 / 2018-08-27
      XC60 2009-2016 2008-03-18 / 2016-04-22
      V60 Cross Country 2015-2018 2014-12-04 / 2018-08-21
      Are the authorities aware of this issue?

      Yes. Volvo Car UK is working closely with the DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency) in relation to this matter.

      Is my car safe to use? What should I do if I am concerned regarding my seatbelt?

      Please be assured that this issue is extremely rare: we have no reports of any related incidents, and the issue can only occur over time and with a specific set of circumstances.

      Until your vehicle has been repaired, we recommend that the driver and passenger ensure that the seat belt fastening is in a vertical position, aligned with the backrest, so that it will not be bent over the seat cushion when entering the seat. This will reduce the risk of damage of the seat belt fastening.

      An indicator of a potential issue is damage to the rubber sleeve in which the cable is housed. While we will work to have all affected cars corrected as soon as possible, if you are concerned, you can contact your retailer. for a visual inspection.

      Who will pay for any work if I take my car to the Volvo Retailer?

      Volvo Car UK will cover the cost of any recall related work deemed necessary by a Volvo Retailer.

      I do not feel safe driving my car. Will you provide me with a loan car until you can fully fix my car?

      Please be assured that this issue is extremely rare. For this condition to occur, a number of different factors would need to co-exist. This will only occur with repeated, regular bending of the cable over the seat when entering the car, over a number of years, and would also depend on the height positioning of the seat.

      When will my car be completely fixed?

      Your Volvo retailer will contact you with further information as soon as it is available. We expect the majority of vehicles to be rectified this year. To remedy the concern, the relevant seat belt component will need to be replaced. You will receive a letter with more details in due course.

      How do I check if my car is part of this action?

      Please visit this site to check -

      What can I do while I wait for further contact?

      When entering the car, we recommend that the driver and front seat passenger ensure the lower seat belt fastening is in the upright position aligned with the back rest so that it will not be bent over the seat cushion when entering the seat. This will prevent any damage to the cable.

      I want to speak to someone about this issue

      We will be happy to talk through any concerns you have in relation to this issue. Please feel free to call our dedicated team on 01628 422522. Contact Us.

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