Side profile of the fully electric Volvo EX30 SUV in onyx black cropped in half.

Calculate your range

Depending on which electric Volvo car you drive, you can go different distances. Here you can compare our different car models and their maximum range.

Volvo electric car range calculator

Use the range calculator and its real-world scenarios to explore how far you can travel with our electric cars.

​How to maximize your electric car range

Speed and driving style

Just like a combustion vehicle, a more economical driving style will help to increase the range of an electric car. Driving at higher speeds requires more energy, therefore, a smooth driving style at reduced speeds will help to improve overall range. All electric Volvos include the ‘Range Assistant’ app, a useful tool to check energy consumption and to help develop a more efficient driving style.

Temperature inside and out

The range of an electric car can be reduced in cold temperatures, as the battery works less efficiently. And an electrical heater uses a lot of energy to warm the cabin. To help preserve your electric range in colder temperatures, pre-heat your Volvo remotely via the Volvo App, whilst connected to your wallbox before starting your journey. So that you use the mains, instead of the car battery, to heat the car. And during your journey, the heated seats and steering wheel use much less electrical energy than the heater.

One pedal drive

Also known as ‘regenerative braking’, all fully electric Volvos come with one pedal drive as standard. This allows the user to slow down the car when they release the accelerator pedal, acting like a brake (don’t worry, you still get a brake pedal). In doing so, the electric motor within the car performs like an electric generator, helping to recharge the battery every time you slow down.

Take a closer look at our fully electric cars

Explore electrification

Browse our next-generation models and discover the everyday benefits that come with driving a Volvo electric car.

Fully electric cars

Our fully electric cars offer emissions-free driving without compromising range and power.

A fully electric Volvo EX40 Recharge standing still.

Plug-in hybrid cars

Plug-in hybrids pair an electric motor and a combustion engine for worry-free driving.

 A pure electric Volvo EC40 Recharge standing still charging

What do you want to know about ​electric car range?

What does WLTP Electric Car Range mean?

WLTP, short for Worldwide Harmonized Light Vehicles Test Procedure, Electric Car Range is the estimated distance an electric car can travel on a single charge based on standardised testing.

How long do electric car batteries last?

The lifespan of electric car batteries can vary, but on average, they can last between 8 to 15 years or more, depending on factors such as battery type, usage patterns, charging habits, and environmental conditions.

Which Volvo car has the longest range?

The EX90 is currently the Volvo with the longest range.