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Defiant Pioneers - Chapter 7

Volvo & the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust

The Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust work tirelessly to protect and enhance the natural world. Durrell's conservation techniques focus on recovering threatened or missing wildlife and the habitats on which they rely. Their species management expertise drives the rewilding of ecosystems so that they are more functional, diverse and resilient.

For its latest work, Volvo is partnering with Durrell on their first UK projects: Reintroducing white stalks to southern England and the European wildcat, one of Britain's rarest and most endangered mammals, to Wales.

As well as initiatives in the UK, Volvo are also working with Durrell on their "Recovering the Atlantic Rainforest" initiative. The project aims to plant 17,000 trees in order to create a corridor connecting Morro do Diablo State Park in Brazil to isolated forest fragments to the north, allowing a number of species including the black lion tamarin, puma, jaguar, and ocelot a chance to thrive again.

Links for more information: https://www.volvocars.com/uk/about/humanmade/discover-volvo/birdman and https//youtu.be/osqD69DtI2k

XC90 wins award

XC90 flagship SUV crowned Best Electrified Seven-Seater in DrivingElectric Awards

The flagship of the Volvo range, the XC90 T8 Twin Engine, has triumphed in the DrivingElectric Awards, being named Best Electrified Seven-Seater. It's the first honour for the plug-in hybrid version of the large SUV since it benefited from a series of performance, technology and styling upgrades that make it an even stronger proposition; including an increase of more than 30% in its all-electric driving range.

Vicky Parrott, DrivingElectric Associate Editor, said the hybrid powertrain adds extra appeal to a model that's already established as a market leader:   "The Volvo XC90 has long been the king of the large family SUVs, and in T8 Twin Engine plug-in hybrid form it makes transporting seven people in comfort very cost effective indeed. Recent updates have freshened up its looks and improved its electric technology, ensuring it stays at the front of the class."

Kristian Elvefors, Volvo Car UK's Managing Director, said   "This award is greatly appreciated because it recognises how we are committed to giving customers the performance and efficiency benefits of electrified powertrains with no compromise in the qualities they expect of a Volvo; beautiful design, genuine desirability, exceptional safety provisions and supreme quality and practicality.  We are also busy expanding our electrified offerings. We've recently made our plug-in hybrid technology available across our entire model range, and we will be introducing our first all-electric Volvo in the near future."

Regional Retailer of the Year 2017

Keith Price Garages has scooped an award!

Keith Price Garages, based in Monmouthshire, has scooped a Volvo Regional Retailer of the Year award, acknowledging the retailer as one of the best-performing operations in the UK.

The Volvo Regional Retailer of the Year award is presented to the retailer that excels on many fronts, including new and used car sales, parts and accessory sales, and customer satisfaction.

Keith Price Garages, located in Merthyr Road, Abergavenny, was named as the regional winner for South West England, South Wales and Channel Islands.

Ruth Gregory, retailer principal, said: “This is a fantastic achievement for the entire team, who work incredibly hard to deliver high levels of customer service. The fact that we have been recognised by Volvo in its annual awards reflects our commitment to the brand and to our customers.”

Jon Wakefield, managing director of Volvo Car UK, said: “2017 was another extremely successful year for Volvo in the UK, which could not have been achieved without the part played by our retailer network.

“It’s hugely rewarding for us to be able to acknowledge the stand-out performers within our retailer network as part of the Retailer of the Year awards. The team at Keith Price Garages has demonstrated outstanding levels of service and commitment to their customers on behalf of Volvo, and I hope they take immense pride in their award.”